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Andrey Kholkin

Having the capability to view which platform you are using is doing the best and converts more sales to your business is really an advantage for you. And Weberlo records it.

Here is the information that you need to check inside the Stats page, so you can maximize Weberlo and get the full potential off of it.

Date of Information; Information can be sorted out by dates: Daily, Monthly or Annual. Or you can also select the specific dates.

The information changes in the Main Categories, Timeline/Graphs and Detailed Traffic Sources based on the dates you've selected.

The Main Categories have four (4) options: Uniques (views), Form Submits, Orders and Sales.

  • Unique: These are page views.
  • Form Submits: These are submitted forms.
  • Orders: These are all the completed orders.
  • Sales: These are the total sales.

Whenever you select a category, the data on the Timeline/Graphs changes accordingly.

Detailed Traffic Source shows where all the information comes from. Information is categorized in a specific way, such as:

  • Direct: When someone opens up your website's URL directly using the browser's address bar.
  • Email: When someone opens up your site from an email.
  • Referral: When someone opens up your site using referral links.
  • Search Engine: When someone searches for your website using any search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc…
  • Facebook Ads: When someone opens up your website through Facebook Ads.
  • Social Media: When someone opens up your website using other social media platforms.
  • Other: If the website was open from another source that isn't in the current list of sources.
  • None: It will only have information if there is something wrong with the tracking code installation.

Traffic sources have 3 other sub-categories: Websites, Forms and Products.

All websites where you install the Weberlo tracking code are listed here.

Forms with tracking code will be listed here.

Products are listed in each order and how the total sales of each product are.

You can also view the sources in a much detailed way by clicking the icon as shown below:

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