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How to integrate Thrivecart with Weberlo

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Andrey Kholkin

Follow the steps below:

1. Go to "Weberlo > Integrations > Thrivecart"

thrivecart integration

2. Push "Connect" and you'll be redirected to Thrivecart

connect thrivecart

3. Login to your Thrivecart account

thrivecart login

4. Give Weberlo permission to access your Thrivecart account

thrivecart weberlo connect

5. Go to "Weberlo > Integrations > Tracking Code" and copy the tracking code

tracking code weberlo

6. Go to Thrivecart and edit a product you wish to track

thrivecart edit product

7. Go to "Checkout > Tracking" and enable "Custom tracking code"

thrivecart add tracking code

8. Paste the Weberlo tracking code inside

thrivecart add weberlo tracking code

9. Repeat the same process for all products.

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