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How to integrate Shopify with Weberlo

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Andrey Kholkin

Follow the steps below:

1. Click here to install the Weberlo app from Shopify's marketplace

shopify install app

2. Confirm install

shopify install app instructions

3. Go back to Weberlo integrations page, select API

weberlo integrations api

4. Name your API key and push "Create"

create weberlo api key

5. Click the icon to copy your API key

copy api key

6. Go back to Shopify, paste your API key and push "Save"

shopify api key

7. Copy your embed URL from Weberlo

get weberlo embed url

8. Push the link "Click here to activate the app"

shopify integration

9. Paste your embed URL into "Theme settings > App embeds > Weberlo" and push "Save"

embed url

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