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Setting Up Tracking

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Andrey Kholkin

Follow the steps below:

There are two ways on how to activate Weberlo on your WordPress website.

Via WordPress Plugin:

1. Click the “Integrations” tab on the menu.

2. Select “WordPress” from the Integrations menu.

3. Click here to download the WordPress plugin and follow the instructions.

Via Tracking code:

1. Click “Integrations” on the menu.

2. Select "Tracking code" on the Integrations menu.

3. “Copy” the Tracking code.

4. Install any header and footer WordPress plugin. You can install “Code Snippets”, Click here to download.

5. Once the plugin is installed, click on “Header & Footer”.

6. “Paste” the copied Tracking code into the Body, and “Save”.

You can access your Weberlo dashboard once you follow the instructions.

Verify Weberlo connection: 

1. Click “Config” on the menu.

2. Then your Website’s URL will be automatically listed if it’s properly connected. Otherwise, you can add the website manually.

Now that Weberlo is connected with your website, it will track every page views, clicks and where the traffic comes from.

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