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Creating a workspace

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Andrey Kholkin

Workspace is the most important part of Weberlo. Everything happens inside a Workspace and you cannot use Weberlo without creating one. You can create multiple workspaces based on the plan that you have and use them for clients.

To create a workspace follow the steps below:

1.  Once you successfully logged in to your account, a pop-up will appear, click on "Add Workspace".

2.   Enter the "Name" of the Workspace you want to create.

3. If you bought an AppSumo deal, enter your “Redemption code”. Otherwise, leave it blank.

4. Once all information is entered, click on “Submit”.

Once the Submit button is clicked, Weberlo creates your workspaces, subdomain and all data for your workspace. (This might process might take a couple of minutes to be completed)

When the workspace is created, it will appear in a pop-up box.

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