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Andrey Kholkin

Having a tool that helps you track what's going on with your website when a potential customer opens it, makes a huge difference with your business.

It gives you the power to analyze what is working with your website and what's not. It gives a deeper understanding of what brings your customer to your website, where they found your site, what ads are converting more clicks, trends, basically what's best for your business. So that you can optimize your website.

Customer's journey always have multiple touchpoints. But with Weberlo's Journey page, we are keeping the data simple for you to analyze. Basically, we keep the valuable and short version of the customer's journey to your website.

In Weberlo, we keep the tracking short but has the most value for your business. We track the first source which is very important because it will show what brings customers into your website. We also track the last attribution. They key here make it easier and faster for you to track every visit.

Why am I seeing less? If you track all the steps that a visitor did inside your website and in the end that visitor does not convert into a sale, that information isn't going to be as valuable as the other facts. Compared to seeing the outcome right away, which gives you a much faster way to analyze which part of your website is doing great in bringing customers in and converting into sales.

In the next article we will discuss what are the details that are being tracked.

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