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Organizing the Traffic sources

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Andrey Kholkin

How to create a Traffic source category:

1. Click "Config" on the navigation bar.

2. Select "Sources".

3. Click on "+ Category".

4. Enter the "Name" of the new category and select an "Icon".

5. Choose from "Simple" or "UTM".

6. If "UTM" is selected, you have to enter the right condition statement depending on what is needed. See example below.

You can select either an "AND", or an "OR" statement.

You should use %20 if there is a whitespace.

Then, if all the conditions are filled up, you can click on "Save".

7. The new category will appear once you save it. There is also an option to edit it or delete it.

8. So whenever someone views a Facebook Ad and clicks it, they will be redirected to the website with the UTM code added, and that's how the UTM will be recorded. Like shown in the image below.

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