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Configuring Form tracking

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Andrey Kholkin

How to create a Form Tracking:

1. Click on "Forms".

2. Click "+ Form".

3. Enter the name of the Webpage where the form is located in the "Name" field.

4. Select the "Conversion Type" from the drop-down list options.

5. Choose where the form is located, either from a "Single page" or the "Entire Website".

6. Search for the webpage where your form is located. DO NOT paste the URL, you have to manually search for the webpage from the website that you connected.

7. Select the Tracking type.

If "Smart Tracking" is selected, the Condition Statement is needed.

The Input ID must be exact. You can search for the exact Input ID by inspecting the webpage.

If "URL" is selected, the Parameters must be set.

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